Building the blocks of your organisation with you, Fantini Designs works closely with institutions to understand their vision for their ventures. Such large projects demand not only a well-trained team and honest collaborators but also demands for the entire workforce to function together as a one organic unit. Our team and collaborators add this invaluable ethic that drives its smooth functioning. Ironing out all the creases in communication, we ensure that there is no hiccup in the translation of your project into reality.

Our designs provide strong detailing for the aspirational as well as the functional parameters of the plan. This also helps us to come up with solutions that flawlessly integrate both the needs of the space. The visual identity added to the space through the design forms the face of the organisation; while the custom-made elements define the character of the space to strongly distinguish it from its counterparts. From creating authentic experiences in off-beat locations to delivering hidden jewels in the cityscape, our team strives hard to achieve remarkable feats through its design. Forming pillars in our portfolio of designing institutions are SDPS school in Indore,  SPIT college and Sohum Spa n Academy, a institution that speak of our dedication and commitment to excellent design.